Manufacturing Process

Each individual product is the result of hours of hard work, dedication, and creative passion.

Drawing Styles

Drawing style for engraving

For the drawings on our engraved products, we employ a slightly sketchy style. This approach is crafted to showcase only the essential features of the animal. A drawing with excessive details would lead to an excess of material removal during engraving, potentially obscuring the motif with resulting black areas.

Engraving with too many details vs. our engraving

Lowering the laser power reduces material removal, enabling more details to be depicted. However, this comes at the cost of a more superficial eternalization of the drawing on the material. Consequently, the engraving may become challenging to recognize. Given the small engraving area of just a few millimeters, this can significantly impact satisfaction.

Superficial engraving vs. our engraving

After years of refining our drawing and engraving style, we've achieved the ideal equilibrium between detail and engraving depth. We engrave your drawing much deeper into the material than usual, guaranteeing that all crucial details are exceptionally clear.

Drawing style for printing

The drawing style of our printed products deviates from that of engraved items. This is due to the utilization of a UV printer in their production, empowering our artists to incorporate colors into the drawing. This allows for the enhancement of the image with details that cannot be captured during engraving for the reasons previously mentioned. While we could have chosen the same drawing style, it was crucial for us to maximize the potential of the manufacturing method employed, leading to our decision to opt for a more detailed style.

Direct contact

Change requests

Once your drawing is finished, the responsible artist will reach out to you with a sketch via e-mail. From that point onward, you'll be in continuous contact with us and the artist, providing you with direct influence over your drawing and its design. Any change requests you express will be promptly implemented. Simultaneously, the sketch serves as a realistic preview of your end product, allowing you to see exactly how it will look. Not only can you have details in the drawing revised, but you can also adjust the size of the image as you desire. This grants you complete control over the realization of your ideas, ensuring your utmost satisfaction. We only proceed with the production of your product when you are genuinely satisfied!

Printing and Engraving


For our printed products , we utilize a high-quality UV printer from Roland (Japan), a market leader. This printer employs continuous UV curing during the printing process, ensuring a strong adhesion of the print to the material. Ensuring a lasting hold for our products is of utmost importance to us. Hence, we selected a model with advanced printing technology, producing results that meet the satisfaction of both us as manufacturers and our customers.


Our engraved products feature engravings done with a laser manufactured in Germany. Given our strong emphasis on machine quality, we have opted for a high-quality model in this regard as well. While immortalizing the motif on metals or jewelry, the laser removes material, as opposed to printing where the drawing is represented by applying ink. Various laser power settings can yield different optical results. Through our experience, we have identified the best combination of width and depth for each engraving line.

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